Bringing baked goods to the gym… bad idea? Not for someone’s birthday!!!

I workout with a great lady on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and as luck would have it, she was away on her birthday. I still wanted to give her a card the next time I saw her, but I also wanted to test drive this cute recipe I saw on Facebook. Betty Crocker has the cutest twist on regular old birthday cake, birthday cake cookies!

They took almost no time to bake. Just a box of yellow cake mix, butter, egg, milk, confetti sprinkles, icing and polka dot nonpareils. They bake in 10 minutes and once cool, a spoon of icing between 2 ‘cookies’ with a sprinkle of polka dot nonpareils around the sides, VOILA!
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Finally Celebrating my 40th Birthday

My bday is in January as many of you know, but I felt really sad about not having a birthday party.  My sister-friend, Lisa talked me into it and now it’s about to go down!  I’ve always loved to entertain at my home; friends, good food, good drinks always = a good time, but everyone is so busy and parties can be so expensive. Since I only plan on turning 40 once, I might as well mark the occasion with an old fashioned block party.

Cotton candy, popcorn, BBQ and adult beverages are on deck. So far, 40 has been very good to me. I’m healthy, still teaching SPINNING, still learning and growing each and every day.  I’ve embraced it. I didn’t think 40 could be this dang FABULOUS!!


Being forty is so fabulous!!!
Forty, Fit & Fabulous