Shoulder Flexibility

I have shoulder issues, there, I said it. I’ve had surgery on my right shoulder and I’m not even thinking about touching my left (the right one scared me out of it). I do my physical therapy exercises, when I think about it (i.e. when the start bothering me) and I know I should do better.  The CrossFit gym I just joined posted this rad video about loosening up your shoulders and I jumped all over it.

I went out and bought (2) 5 foot 3/4 inch PVC pipes for $5.14 and I’ve been in HEAVEN ever since.

Keeping mobile is very important if you’re susceptible to stiffness or impingement. We gotta give our shoulder much more love!




Workout ideas from Hanna Heden

If you’re on Instagram and you’re into fitness, you MUST follow Hanna Heden. I get really great workout ideas from her clips and I’m never wanting for something MORE. THIS IS MORE! Challenging, fun, heart-pounding and explosive!

Her form is spotless and she really brings it for every clip. You’ll know who she is, she the lady with the flaming red tresses.

Here are the moves and the names (either officially or made up by me!)

  • Bear plank up-downs
  • Plyo lunges with knee tuck jump
  • Half Burpees (no jump, full hip extension)
  • Dumbbell curl to Shoulder press (kinda like the Arnold press, but not quite)

do each move for 45 seconds with 15-20 second rest in between exercises. 45 second rest in between each set. Repeat 4 times. l

Try these moves and let me know if they don’t make you burn & sweat.