I haven’t blogged in quite some time but all that will change.

August/September were whirlwind for me. I  visited my best friend on the planet, Riki in Redwood Shores, CA, then went to VMworld (tech conference) in San Fransisco, then flew home for not even a day. I turned around and flew to Miami to stay before I headed on an 8 day Caribbean cruise.

I am not a fan of cruises, but I managed to have an amazing time. During that amazing time, I fractured my finger playing an amazing game of dodge ball then got a hernia somehow after that. I had surgery on both and I’m back to work with new finger bling and a fixed hernia!

finger with wires
My new finger bling

I have a new hobby that I’m so excite to talk about so stay tuned. Looking towards a speedy recovery and more interesting blog posts too.