I’m taking a page from the Cup and Penny book of doing “just one thing today” that gets me closer to my goal of being a fashion sewer. I too vow  to do something each and everyday that gets me closer to my goal of being able to see a garment and design my own look and create it to suit my body. If I don’t work on my craft each day, I will never achieve the level of success I’m working towards.

I haven’t sewn much lately. Ever since my flat pattern making class ended, I hit a slump.

African Wax Print Maxi Skirt
Self-Drafted Maxi Skirt

I did draft a skirt for the Beyonce’ & Jay Z concert and mend a few things for my son and husband, but that’s it. As I type this, I’m realizing that I only haven’t been sewing much, but I have been working on something sewing or fashion related on a consistent basis. Reading my Threads magazine on techniques, watching YouTube videos, reading blog post, reading fashion magazines, working on things for my Facebook sewing group, reading something from of my sewing related books, or going to my class; Fashion Studies Foundation at Moore College of Art and Design, I’m doing SOMETHING each day to put me one step closer to my goal. I just had to realize that.

Thanks to Rebecca for her sage words. She doesn’t know what they meant to me.

So for today, I’ve pressed my fabric and laid out my pattern pieces for the Stitch Once, Rip Twice sewing group challenge. I will do a little bit each day to make sure it’s done on time. Tomorrow, I may even cut it out!

Laying out my romper pattern
Laying out my romper pattern
View D Romper Simplicity 1355
View D Romper Simplicity 1355

Remember, you must work toward your goals everyday. Write them down, study them, allow them to become as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth. If you’re not working toward them, then they are mere dreams.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

–Robert Collier



I was just scrolling through my Twitter feed and this quote just caught my eye.

It made me stop and think about what plans I have for myself; short term or long term. If you think about it, this is spot on. The plans you make for your life, be it financial, travel, educational, plans to enrich your mind, body or spirit, must be filled with confidence, built with a firm grasp on what you’re trying to accomplish and pursued with such fervor and passion that anyone looking from the outside will be able to palpably feel what you’re doing. Everything about you will speak to that power.

People with tangible goals are the type of people I’m attracted to. Someone on the outside should be able to feel what you’re trying to accomplish. Of course, that is no small feat. Most people keep their plans to themselves, but some bold and courageous individuals don’t mind putting their plans out into the universe in the hopes that it’s keenly listening.

Here is a little litmus test:

If your plans do not move your soul, stir your mind into a frenzy and feed your passions, then you, my friend are not doing it right.

Dream bigger, write it down, stare at it, follow it where it takes you, share it with other like minded folks and most of all, let it stir your soul.

Image by Todd Quackenbush
Image by Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash.com

Have a fantastic Day on PURPOSE!!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
― Hippocrates

I was literally running out the door this morning. I had a 6:00 AM personal training appointment with Char Biggs and I couldn’t miss it. I had a few minutes so I stopped to make some fresh juice for the day. I’d been juicing all weekend and I felt amazing. I didn’t want the great feeling to end so I filled up a bowl with vinegar water and started dumping in the goodies.

I made 2 juices today:

  • Carrot, Orange, Ginger, Spinach
  • Cucumber, Apple, Red Pepper, Spinach.

The carrot juice is so yummy! 5 carrots give it a really nice, smooth flavor. The cucumber juice is meh. I could have left out the half of red pepper, but I was just grabbing stuff & tossing it in.

All in all, I’m glad I stopped and took some time for my health and myself this morning. I know my body will thank me for it. Make it a great day.




After chilling in the fridge most of the day, the cucumber juice wasn’t half bad; dare I say, tasty, cool & refreshing!