Cornrows in an updo bun

I’ve always admired women in braids and cornrows. I’ve had them done before, over 8-9 years ago, but they were painful and took my hair out in a nice little patch in the front. I swore never again. I went natural this year and my TWA was in need of something else. I’ve tried coils, wash & go’s and even rocked a fro with a headband. I wanted something else.

After asking around for recommendations from friends, I settled on a shop here in Philly called Mumy Awa at 5th & chew. I spoke to a lady named Fama and she put my mind at ease. I decided to give her a try. I settled on the updo, said a prayer and went in. She called her sister in to do my hair since she was busy. Bad sign!!! I should have ran out the door. Alas, I stayed. Sister wasn’t my cup of tea. She came is late, didn’t blow dry my hair and didn’t even introduce herself. I showed her a picture of how I wanted my hair styled and she was off & running. She talked either on the phone or to her girl friend in Senegalese the whole time I was there. I kept telling her she was to leave the “baby hair” out and not to braid it so tight. Needless to say, I now have an $80 facelift. I was so distraught. I texted my husband and sent him a photo. He liked it and said he hoped the pain was tolerable, for the sake of my sanity. He knows me oh so well.

Hotter than fish grease right here

The cornrows got tighter as the day wore on. Steam, hot towels, showers, pain medication, sprays, oils, leave-in. I did it all, all day, everyday. I’m on day 4 and it still hurts a bit. I look amazing, but it wasn’t worth it. I’m what they call “tender-headed” and should probably never have tried to get my hair braided.

The moral of the story: beauty is pain.


You guys can keep this cornrow stuff, I’m good.