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Challenge #7 A Simple Jumpsuit

Challenge #7: A Simple Jumpsuit

Welcome to Stitch Once, Rip Twice sewing challenge No. 7!  We had a close vote for this one, with three options to choose from.  A tunic, a jumpsuit/romper, and a beautiful piece of art for inspiration!



The Rules


  1. Your simple jumpsuit can be for yourself or someone else, and there’s no restriction to which pattern, fabric, or style!
  2. It can be made from scratch or refashioned, just as long as you use your sewing skills!
  3. Share anything you would like on your blog or on the group’s Facebook page along the way. That includes patterns, techniques, inspiration, project ideas, problems, and in-progress pictures.

Have your finished garment done and posted by August 10th September 1st either on your personal blog or on the Facebook page. The week after the deadline, I’ll put together a wrap-up post with everyone’s finished garments so we can all see!

Let’s get our machines fired up, and have fun!

Also, if you have a blog, post the badge above by grabbing the code here!


p.s. Val and I are just handling the details for Diane. This is still her baby, we’re just members that jumped in to help out this fantastic sewing group.



Facebook’s Paper App for iPhone Is the Future of Facebook

I just downloaded the new Facebook app called, Paper on my iPhone and I love the look already. I’ll check it out for a bit and maybe even write a review.
So far, so cool!

   *note* There is aPaper for Facebookn app out there for iPad called Paper and it’s pretty sucky that Zuckerberg is squatting on an already established apps name.




Last Thursday, Facebook announced that it was about to release an iPhone app called Paper. The app is now available from Apple’s App Store. If you use Facebook on an iPhone, you really need to try it.

That’s because the app — unlike other Facebook mobile efforts such as Messenger and the failed Snapchat knockoff Poke — isn’t a specialized tool or a side project. It’s Facebook — almost all of it, anyhow — rethought for a small screen, with 2014 aesthetics.

By calling it Paper and leaving the original Facebook app untouched in the App Store, the company smartly avoids leaving users feeling like radical, jarring change is being imposed upon them. But it’s hard to imagine that Mark Zuckerberg & Co. don’t see the ideas in this app as a first rough draft of Facebook’s future, period.

(Side note: For now, at least, I’m…

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