The complete guide to working out before work

I’m a morning person. I have been for a number of years. The great thing about mornings is that I actually have the energy to work out. I teach 3 SPINNING classes a week all before 7AM. I strength train in the morning 2-3 times a week. If someone told me that I had to switch my activities from morning to afternoon or evening, I’d never (I MEAN NEVER) workout again. I don’t have the energy, patience or wherewithal to do anything after work except, school or going home to cook dinner. I don’t even like going out for happy hour after a long day.
I find that my network of fitness folks who work out the same time of day that I do are more dedicated to their healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks. Forcing earlier bedtimes, thinking about tomorrows outfit WAY in advance, packing up for the entire day, the day before. How should I know what I want to wear tomorrow or what water bottle I should fill?
The success is definitely in the preparation. If you can handle most of the planning the night before, you’re more likely to be successful.
So here is a shout-out to all my morning peeps, the SPINNERS who come in ready to burn up the spot with me Monday, Wednesday and Friday and to all the folks that have the grind in them to lift heavy, eat clean and sweat it out right along side of me in the gym.

Props to you all! See you in the A.M.


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