Flat Pattern Making I Class Completed

For the past 10 weeks, I’ve been learning flat pattern making. It was course number 2 of the fashion studies certificate program in the apparel construction track at Moore College of Art & Design. Having only been sewing since October, taking on pattern making was very challenging. The terms, the skills needed and even understanding the language was proving more than difficult in the beginning.  With hard work, one-on-one instruction, plenty reading, YouTube videos, Craftsy classes, patience and several days off from work, I’ve completed my class and my final project.

My 1/2 scale final project
My 1/2 scale final project


The design is basic but very classic, very Michelle Obama (IMO).

Mrs. Obama’s dress inspired my design.


After 2 unsuccessful attempts at a muslin, I purchased a 1/2 size dress from from PGM with a 20% student discount. With this little helper, I could see what I was doing much easier. I installed a zipper and fitted the dress pretty darn accurately IMO. After the final review (my teacher LOVED my work and the fit of the muslin), I was all in to make my dress in this lovely African wax print fashion fabric. I took a day off work and really took my time. Hand basing everything was key to pulling it together, not missing a single notch and feeling comfortable about the process. It took a little bit longer, but the results were the best I ever had with sewing a garment with clipped or chalked markings.


My Final Muslin


Colleen teaching dart manipulation
Colleen teaching dart manipulation


With this class behind me, I’m ready to move on. I want to take flat pattern making 2, but I’m missing a prerequisite that I really want to take before moving on. I’m going to miss my classmates who are moving on without me. We’ve learned so much and really have grown as designers. I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you all.  Until next time, keep sewing!

 An extra special THANK YOU to Colleen Moretz for a great class, Mina Dia-Stevens, adjunct professor at Moore who gave me one one one instruction on how to make a better garment and the ladies in class, Stephanie, Elle, Christina and Regina.  You ladies BALL so HARD!


The ladies of Flat Pattern Making 1
The ladies of Flat Pattern Making 1

Pattern Making Final






9 thoughts on “Flat Pattern Making I Class Completed

  1. I just finished a pattern making class, and a draping class, and loved them. They open up a whole new world, don’t they?

  2. I just ordered that exact same fabric! It looks amazing. I was considering a skirt, but now maybe a dress. Congratulations! It looks amazing.

      1. I’m going to sign up for a certificate program and I’m a little nervous about how much work it will be, but I’m also excited to learn some of the same things you’ve learned.

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