Pattern Weights or Panini Press

I love a good grilled cheese. I don’t eat them often unless I have a taste for them, but they have to be super melted, with grill marks & at least 2 cheeses. Tonight I was making tomato basil soup for dinner so the grilled cheese had to be up to par. I grabbed some colby jack, sharp and American cheese from the market and was ready for the cheesy goodness.

But I don’t own a panini press and I had to blend the soup to make sure everything was done at the same time. I couldn’t mash the grilled cheese and blend the soup so what to do.

I ran (walked) upstairs to my office and grabbed 2 of my pattern weights. I washed and dried them, wrapped them in foil and did the thing!


They were perfect! So now we know those expensive pattern weights can be used for more that just sewing!


I sautéed some mustard greens from this weeks farm share delivery with onions & put them in my grilled cheese & it rocked! Everyone else had regular sandwiches.


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