1-2-3 Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial (Sewing)

I just tried this tutorial and BOY did I make mistakes! I can’t wait to try this again so I can catch the gotchas before the last seams go in.
1) The pockets don’t meet up at the seam.
2) I added buttonholes for the drawstring and one was too low, so I sewed the right through it for the casing.
I used nylon webbing for the strap and I really like that touch. The pockets are great for a water bottle and cell phone.
All in all, a wonderful tutorial.


This and That

Finished Yoga Mat Bag

I call this the 1-2-3 Yoga Mat Bag tutorial because it has three steps:

  1. Cut
  2. Press
  3. Sew

I don’t have enough space to keep an ironing board and sewing machine set up. I also don’t have a lot of time, so fast craft projects are perfect for me. This bag took me less than 2 hours from start to finish, once I’d figured out the method and measurements. I made a bag for myself out of scrap fabric. When Edna, my yoga teacher, admired it I offered to make her a bag if she provided the fabric. She was delighted and the fact that it gave me an opportunity to photograph and write up this tutorial was an added bonus!


  • Fabric – firm woven cotton or cotton/polyester, 26″ wide x 43″ long
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine

1. Cut

Cut out the pieces according to the diagram below…

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