DIY Pattern Weights

The supply list I received on the first day of Fundamental Sewing Techniques had several items on it that I already had in my stash except pattern weights. I have used flat zinc washers before, but alone, they aren’t heavy enough to really hold down a huge pattern (IMO). I priced pattern weights and they are pricey. I decided to take to Google and find something that would do the trick.


This tutorial was helpful, but the local hardware chain store didn’t have the brackets listed. I had to walk around and find something heavy, but I didn’t have any luck….until.

Here is my materials list for the DIY pattern weights:

  • (4) 12 inch mending plates/brackets ($2.80 each)
  • (1) roll of EasyLiner shelf liner (20in x 8ft) ($5.98)
  • less than 1/2 yd of scrap fabric tape
  • Cut 2 pieces of grip liner 14in x 3 1/4in
  • Cut 4 pieces of fabric 14in x 4 1/2in

Tape the brackets together (or use a hot glue gun) to secure them so they don’t move while assembling the weights. Center and wrap the weights in the grip liner and secure with tape. I cut my grip liner a little short (3 3/8in), but the size above will allow the edges to meet.
brackets-1 gripmat-1

bracket-mat bracket-wrapped

Sewing the case & handle:

Fold one piece of fabric inside out. Sew down the long side with a 1/2 inch seam allowance leaving the ends open.  These are the cases that will hold the weights. For the handle, fold the ends toward the middle (long way), then fold in again. Sew down the long side with a top stitch on both edges with a 1/8 in seam allowance. Tuck the strap inside the cover (below).



Even up the strap with the case (open up the seam allowance & press) and sew alone one end of the cover (short end). Be sure to backstitch a few times to ensure the strap stays in place.  Turn the case right-side out and push the corners out with a turner or chopstick. Slide the weights into the case. Tuck the ends down and insert the other end of the strap into the opening. Hand stitch closed.

cover-strap-sewn cover-strap-brackets-inside

cover-tuck cover-closed

Here are the patterns weights in all of their glory.  Make several sets to insure your pattern stays put when you’re cutting. Throw in the washer weights and cutting will be much easier.

  • I covered the washers in ribbon & ric-rak (4 for each weight), secured with a hot glue gun and voila!


Please post your successful DIY pattern weight projects. I’d love to see how you do.

A few more weights I’ve made for my classmates.




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