14 Sewing Projects in 2014

I have  a goal to make myself 14 sewing projects in 2014. The kicker is, this is the year I tackle pants! So, In no particular order, here are some of the projects I’d like to take a crack at:

  • Pants (yes, the infamous trouser & all this thigh to fit in them)
  • Messenger bag
  • The elusive and expensive,  Michelle Obama DNC dress (I already have the pattern!)
  • Oxford Shirt
  • Vera Bradley (esque) gym bag

The rest of my list will be an assortment of clothing items and a few crafts here and there. I plan to definitely get more of those stylish clutch purses done in more colors and even get some made to sell to some of my friends. I did this cool DIY of a clutch that looks like the one from American Apparel a while back and it was a success. I need a bit more practice, but I see a few more coming in the very near future.

My First Clutch Purse


The American Apparel Inspiration



I can’t wait to see what creations develop.

Stay Tuned!



4 thoughts on “14 Sewing Projects in 2014

  1. I’ve also made a list of clothing items that I’m going to make. 2014 is going to be the year that I tackle pants as well. Let’s hope that we both succeed. 😉

    1. Now THIS is a list. I too follow Goodbye Valentino and was inspired to create my own to-do list. I’m not that great of a sewer yet, but smaller projects and more practice may be just what I need to step up my skill set. You’re list of a basic wardrobe is perfect. Good luck in 2014!

      1. I probably won’t manage to finish the whole list in 2014 but that’s ok. I’ll simply continue in 2015. 😉 Sewing more and stepping out of your comfort zone (trying new techniques, new fabrics, etc) will definitely help you to improve your sewing skills! The better you get the more fun it actually becomes,

      2. It’s great to have goals. Even if we don’t meet it, we’ll have sewn some really cool stuff. That’s what I’m looking forward to, being more comfortable with my skills. I’ll be watching!

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