Textured Purple Pencil Skirt

It seems that skirts are one of the best garments to sew if you’re new to making clothing. Well, I’m new, and skirts are my go to project for the time being (until I get the nerve up to try something different).  The pattern I used was McCall’s 3830  (view D) from my pattern haul from Joann’s a few weeks ago. I wanted to try my hand at making a lining since my last skirt really could have used one. I opted for a beautiful purple fabric and I wish I would have written down the description or took a photo of the end of the bolt.  I declare I will not forget to do that again. There is really good info there and I’ll never remember it. In addition, I used bemberg rayon in wine for the lining and Pellon fusible interfacing for the waistband.

The Pattern:

McCall’s 3830
2013-11-13 21.03.05


7 inch zipper, purple

This pattern comes in so many lengths, I decided to trace the pattern and use that instead of cutting out view D in my size. I may want another at a different length in the future. I used Canson Tracing Paper and it worked perfectly.

2013-11-13 21.03.35

I cut out a 16, but in the end, it was too big. I took 3/4 inch in on both sides ( a little more in the waist) and hemmed it to 20 inches. I used my handy dandy hip curve and it worked like a charm on lining up chalk marks I made where the pins were placed.

*Note* I’m not a size 16. In the sewing world, pattern sizes have NOTHING to do with ready to wear sizes. I’m a size 10.

2013-11-16 19.42.06

I’ve gotten the hang of the zipper. Barbara, my sewing teacher at Making it showed me a new way to put one in. I think it’s called the lapped zipper. It seemed like voodoo in the beginning and I’m not sure I should have used it on this skirt, but I went with it.

There was something called ease written on the pattern. I had to look that up and found Colleen G. Lea’s blog post about the ease stitch and it really helped me make sense of it all. I have a small tuck on the waist, but since I had to rip out so many mistakes, I let that one ride.

The lining was a first for me. I knew I just had to cut out the skirt pattern and sew it up like I did the skirt, but since there were no instructions on the pattern about lining, I winged it and I like the results. I do wish I had did something with the raw edges (although, I read that if the garment is lined. it’s usually not required) I may hand stitch them up so they don’t totally unravel. Although the interfacing was a bit too bulky and I had to hem the lining twice, here is the finished product and it’s my favorite one to date.

2013-11-18 07.09.10 2013-11-18 07.09.24

Happy Sewing!


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