Quick Apron Project

I’m so new to sewing that my machine still has the new car smell.  I’m really enjoying the process of exploring patterns, paying more attention to garment design and fabric as well as taking sewing classes at Making it Sewing Workshop. I’ve become a Pintrest addict in every sense of the word. DIYs, tutorials, crafts, beginner projects, you name it, I’m pinning it.  It would probably take me 20 years to make my way through all of my pins (but a girl can dream, can’t she?)

Yesterday was the annual fashion show at Making it and I got to model my first successful skirt project. After seeing all the wonderful projects everyone created, I was so inspired that I came straight home and wanted to make something ASAP!

Joann Fabrics had a sale this weekend on McCall’s patterns 5 for $7 so I grabbed 5  after perusing the drawers and decided on making an apron first. It seems simple enough so jumped right in.

Apron Pattern

I’m not a frillly girl so I settled on the one in the middle (F). I cut out the 3 pieces (13, 14 and 17), ironed and pinned them. I got stumped on the binding piece. See, what you’re really doing is turning that one piece into something that looks like bias tape. I swear I stared at the instructions for so long I almost used one of my lifelines and phoned a friend. At last, I figured out what it asked of me, especially after I transferred the marking onto the fabric & lined up the markings. I was stunned!

2013-11-10 20.06.03

Reading IS fundamental, even if you have to do it 3,000 times! I mad my very own bias tape. Do you know how cool that was. I’ve since purchased 2 bias tape makers (1/2in and 1 in) and I plan on getting a lager one as well. Darn, I love learning sewing tips and tricks.

2013-11-10 20.28.13-1

The pocket instructions were not that simple. Even after 3,000 re-reads, google and my lifeline, I didn’t understand what it was asking so I just freeballed it.

2013-11-10 20.05.14

After an evening of hard work, here is my new apron. I wore it to my sewing class and my instructor gave me 2 thumbs up!


Happy Sewing!


Here are a few more images from this project.

2013-11-10 21.20.412013-11-10 20.05.462013-11-10 20.52.38


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